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Tara Mechcons Pvt Limited brings all the best brands of Construction Equipment, Construction Power Tools,  Cleaning Equipment in the world under one roof, including Bosch, Wacker Neuson, Eibenstock, JayPee, Fischer, Tyrolit Wurth and Karcher.



 Welcome to Tara Mechcons, a reliable provider of world-class  Construction Equipment, Power Tools, Metal Working Tools, Installation/fixing systems, Firestop Systems, Measuring Systems, RCC Cutting & Grinding Machines and  Cleaning Equipment from some of the world's most trusted brands.

With sophisticated service centers located at convenient locations, we are equipped to provide you with reliable and affordable maintenance and repairs for your equipment.

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We are authorized dealer of

construction equipment from world renowned brands such as Wacker Neuson, MK Vibrators, Jaypee.

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We are dealer of some of the world's best construction power tool brands available in India such as Bosch, Eibenstock & Wurth Tyrolit.

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Looking for high quality products for your metal working needs? Look no further. We are dealers of the best products in the category from brands such as Bosch, Eibenstock Positron, BDS Machines. 

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We are the authorized dealer of

installation and fixing systems of Fischer Fixing Systems, a world leader in the industry.


We are also the authorized dealer of

installation and fixing systems of Fischer Fixing Systems, who make some of the best firestop systems in the world. 


Tyrolit makes some of the worlds best RCC cutting & grinding machines in the world, and we are their trusted authorized dealers in the region. Visit us for the best RCC cutting and grinding machines.


If you are looking for the best brands and quality of metal abrasives, look no further. We carry the best in the market products from Tyrolit, a world-renowned brand with excellent quality standards and delivery.

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Tyrolit is a maker of some of the world's finest composite material finishing tools. And we are their choice of partners in the region. 


We are authorized dealer of

Bosch measuring tools. You can find all the details about these tools in our products section.


We are authorized dealer of

world's best power & cordless tools brand, Bosch.  Visit our products section to find all the details about these tools.


We are the authorized dealer and service Provider for Karcher Power Cleaning Equipment, world's leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems. 

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About Our Company

9+ Years of Customer Service Excellence
Tara Mechcons was founded in 2010 by Mr Saeed Bakshabhaiji who is a veteran of the industry. He conducted a thorough study of the market and envisioned a growth market for tools (power drills, cutters, saw etc.) and and construction equipment.

Since then, the business has seen immense growth and has expanded to 3 locations and authorized dealerships of multiple world-renowned brands.

Our company has consistently added new products to the company’s portfolio and they too have seen very healthy growth.

We have over 3000 regular, highly satisfied customers and a team of 20+ skilled and dedicated employees that serves them.

Tara Mechcons aims to at all times maintain the upmost levels of service for our customers and strives to place itself at the forefront of the industry.


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