CB 3
Car Cleaning System


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A car wash really can be both flexible and fast. A car wash really can be both fast and economical. And a car wash really can be both economical and versatile. The CB 3 unites these three qualities into one gantry car wash which can meet all requirements.

An optimal, glossy and dry result guarantees that your customers will be satisfied. What's more, our CB 3 gantry car wash is fitted with the Opti Drop Stop system on request. When drying begins, water dropping off the roof brush is caught in a gutter and directed away from the vehicle. At the same time, the valves close in the spraying arch, preventing subsequent dripping of the water. Your customers will be impressed by the waxing program with foam RM 837 foam polish (VDA-compliant class A). This not only ensures a hard-wearing care film but also smooths over small scratches in the paintwork. For you as the operator, the washing bay also offers additional interesting advantages with its versatile equipment options. The system only requires 20 litres of fresh water per run and is also compatible with Kärcher Fleet Management. This allows you to stay up to date in real time on the CB 3'scurrent condition and the services it has performed, to analyse errors straight away and solve them online if necessary, and save on unproductive access routes.

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