Onsite and On-The-Phone Assistance

With a highly capable service engineering team and a permanent helpline, we can help you solve your technical problems in multiple ways.


At Tara Mechcons, our highly capable, experienced and knowledgeable engineering and technical teams are here to help you at your site and over the phone to help with your technical issues, design requirements and/or training.


If you need help for your own projects, our teams of highly qualified engineers can help with a wide range of technical questions, including:

  • Anchoring applications

  • Direct fastening

  • Decking design

  • Fire protection

  • Construction equipment

  • Cleaning equipment


We are based in three locations in Gujarat, Vadodara, Bharuch And Chhaani.

If you need help onsite, just get in touch with our local team to see how we can help work with you onsite to find solutions and offer advice about the products and technologies that we can offer.


Trainings & Seminars

Avail the services of our technical experts to train your people and get the best delivery out of them.

We provide specialized training and seminars on following topics: 

  • ​Installers Training On Modular Support System

  • Anchor Fixing System

  • Equipment Operations Training

  • Professional Cleaning Training

  • Firestop Training

  • Safety Seminars

  • Product Demos And Seminars

  • Technical Seminars

Contact our Customer Service Helpline for more details.

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